With a hybrid background between design and technology, I love thinking products and implementing solutions in the world of XR. I am deeply interested in how augmented reality can bring purpose to our life, binding existing and new solution spacing from the enterprise to entertainment.

I am currently a Senior AR Prototyper Engineer at Magic Leap and I focus on translating design into software applications for the next generation AR wearable devices.
I started my XR journey specializing in AR/VR architectural visualization in design firms and successively working in small game companies. In 2017 I worked at Emmy Awarded studio Super 78 Studios in the making of a VR game for children named Reef Rescue recognized as one of the first world’s high capacity and interactive virtual reality experiences. In 2018 during my master I have been participating to some of the first augmented reality explorations for Nike x SCI-Arc.

In 2019 I led the work for the art exhibition "Interfaces" at Milan Design Week by award winning design practice Morphosis. Collaborating with Dassault Systemes.  As a freelancer, I helped an ADU company named Shilo based in San Francisco to raise their first round of funding thanks to a mobile AR application that showcases ADU assets. 

 I joined AWE in 2018 presenting my thesis work for urban augmented reality experiences in collaboration with Sturfee and in 2022 presenting “Virtual Keyboard interactions in XR”, where Magic Leap won the Best-In-Class device prize for AR.  

I am very excited about the progress that the XR space is making and I tend to contribute to the community learning and sharing as much as I can. If you would like to reach out you can shoot an email to alessio.grancini@gmail.com or find me on EverythingEverywhereXR. Feel free to check out my latest work before joining Magic Leap as well. 

December 02, 2014 [Publication]
ArchDaily  Article Collaboration : Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition: A Parametric Analysis

March 12-15, 2018 [Prize]
Creating Reality USC Hackathon - Best project for Architecture Engineering and Construction

June 30, 2018 [Exhibit]
Architecture + Design Museum Architecture Exhibition - 3 Ways

July 10, 2018 [Interview]
KoozA/rch - Thesis Project Publication

September 09,  2018 [Prize]
Gehry Prize/SCI-Arc - Best Graduate Thesis project

September, 2018 [Interview] 
SpinRoom with Namik Mackic

November 07,  2018 [Publication - Interview]
Archinect - Conversation on thesis Project

December 09, 2018 [Speaker]
Conference "Almost Architecture: Note from the Edges" held by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

December, 2018 [Participation]

March 2019, ADFF  [Exhibit]
Architecture and Design Film Festival, VR Cinematic Experiences.

March 29, 2019 [Interview]
Dassault Systemes Youtube Channel - Interview/New Generation of Problem solver.

June, 2019 [Exhibit]
WEVR X Holodome, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

January 17-21, 2019 [Prize]
Reality Virtually MIT Hackathon - Best project for Best Use of HTC Utility Kit - Best Project for Art, Media and Entertainment

April 01-14 2019 [Speaker]
HUMAN @ Design in the Age of The Experience - Morphosis X Dassault Systemes - Milan Design Week 2019

June 27 / July 07, 2019 [Speaker, Instructor]
DigitalFUTURES 2019 [weixin China] - International Design and Technology Seminar

June 27, 2019 [Speaker]
AIA Conference about Extended Realities in Architecture

November 14, 2019 [Publication]
Archdaily US - “We’re Building New Ways of Working”: Morphosis Explores XR and the Future of Design Technologies
Archdaily CH - “We’re Building New Ways of Working”: Morphosis Explores XR and the Future of Design Technologies

December 2019 [Book Release]
Impermanent Collection - A+D museum
Games of Deletion - Book publication

December 12, 2019 [Interview]
Mars City Design - Interview for SpaceChannel.net

December 13, 2019 [Interview]
DevLab Lecture Series for Kaleidooscope VR - Design and Technology on CrowdCast.io for Kaleidoscope

January 31, 2020 [Publication]
DesignBoom - Ninjang Conference Center - Project release

January 23, 2020 [Speaker]
Speculative Futures Los Angeles

March 01, 2020 [Publication]
DesignBoom - How morphosis is creating virtual architecture and immersive experiences

June, 2020 [Exhibit]
!RUN on A+D Museum Digital Gallery

June, 2020 [Exhibit] 
“New World” at !VRHAM Virtual 2020  
Affect Perception Interview

July 03, 2020 [Speaker]
DigitalFutures World 2020 - Immersive Environments during COVID-19 and Beyond

July 07, 2020 [Interview]
Interni Magazine - Will big events happen on gaming platforms? #GAMING

July 13, 2020 [Interview]
Voyage LA - Meet Alessio Grancini

August 06, 2020 [Publication]
Medium - Why video games are going to be the most popular social media and AI’s role in this transition

October 26-29, 2020 [Speaker- Exhibit]
Tbilisi Architectural Biennal + Triennale of Milan : Architecture & Videogames 

November 08, 2020 [Speaker, Project review]
Virtual entities by Futurly spaces : Panel for computational design in Architecture

November 29, 2020 [Publication]
Italian contributes in USA
Oggi 7  

November 30, 2020 [Publication]
Create cities and virtual worlds like ”Inception”, the new role of the architect according Alessio Grancini
Forbes Italia

December 05, 2020 [Speaker] DigitalFutures Young - AR/VR Panel, From AR filters to Virtual Production

December 18, 2020 [Speaker]
Blit Academy Europe Podcast : “A commentary about AI for interaction and gesture recognition in XR” 

December 18, 2020 [Publication]
Cinema Nervi, omaggio sperimentale : pre-exhibit 

December 28, 2020 [Publication] 
Architizer : “100 Renderings That Tell Powerful Stories About Architecture” - “So Close, Yet So Far” 

January, 8 2021 [Video Art Exhibit]
Pier Luigi Nervi - Architecture as a challenge at Manifattura Tabacchi , Florence

Related Publications 
Interni Magazine 
Corriere della Sera

January 13, 2021 [Speaker] 
MIT - Make To Gather - Interaction and User Experience workshop 

February 3, 2021 [Publication]
Archinect - Designers in Tech, How architecture is unlocking the potential of new emerging technologies - Article Series by Alessio Grancini and Paul Petrunia

Interview with Matthew Hallberg 
Interview with Lucia Tahan 
Interview with Jesse Escobedo 

February 10, 2021 [Speaker]
Smart Buildings, Smart Cities , an AIA Technology Conference

February 23, 2021 [Interview]
SecondStudioPod - A guide for Virtual Reality 

April 6, 2021 [Speaker]
Acoustic Future Broadcast

April 15, 2021 [Speaker]
USCA Research Symposium : XR Design For Social Justice

April 17-18 / May29-30 , 2021 [Instructor]
Advanced AI+AR Workshop, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

May 07, 2021  [Speaker]
KSEAN NMC Award Ceremony (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association)

Aug 03, 2021 - Sep 14 2021  Interview]
[CATIA Design Talk] Revisiting Interfaces after the pandemic: An Interview with Alessio Grancini

Sep 24, 2021[Speaker]
USC Arch370  - Alternative paths for the architectural practice

Jan 03, 2022 [Publication]
An architectural education reinassance, action, well being, radical-racial equity, kindness, resilience, xenobits...The community shares their predictions for 2022 by Archinect 

Apr 07, 2022 [Publication]
CO Creation: When Architecture meets Machine learning by Archinect

May 15, 2022 [Speaker]
DoAR, sponsored by Niantic and USC Cinematic Arts

June 01, 2022 [Speaker]
Augmented World Expo 2022, Magic Leap x AR Developers

September 04, 2022 [Interview]
Engineering & archiTECHcture, From Architecture to AR Prototyping 

September 27, 2022 [Speaker]
World Interaction Design Day IxDA Houston, Virtual Keyboard 

November 16 2022 [Speaker]
Art Center, Design and Interaction: “Status of XR”

December 14 2022 [Interview]
SCI-Arc, “Alumni Interview: Taking a leap into AR”

December 18 2022 [Exhibit]
4270 Melrose, LA - “Behind From Where We Came”, a project by Rebekka Sokol, AI Interactive Installation

January 3-9 2023 [Speaker-Presenter]
CES 2023 Las Vegas - Magic Leap 
Brian Tong 
CES 2023: AR Matters

January 12-16 2023 [Mentor, Instructor] 
MIT Reality Hackathon, Boston 
RecoVR, Winner for “Protecting and restoring the environment”
BenVision, Winner for “Working Together: Inclusion and equality”

January 31 2023 [Interview, Podcast]
RogerLab Tech Podcast  : “I visori della Sylicon Valley”, Le cronache del metaverso

April 13 2023 [Speaker]
USC: Discussion on technology trends XR & AI 

April 25 2023 [Speaker]
SF Game Dvelopment X Magic Leap 2

June 02 2023 [Contributor. Mentor]
AWE 2023, Accessibility Talk: BENVISION 

April 27 2023 [Interview]
Demagsign: Everything Interface

June 02-03 2023 [Speaker]
Design Matters, Tokyo : AI & Design

July 13 2023 [Speaker]
Career Navigator XR Bootcamp 

October 21 2023 [Speaker] 
XRealityPro - Tips on how to build an XR Portfolio