Alessio Grancini

Originally from Italy and based in LA, I am a Prototype Engineer at Magic Leap. 

This website is a selection of media and code samples from my personal creative development journey. 

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December 02, 2014 [Publication]
ArchDaily  Article Collaboration : Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition: A Parametric Analysis

March 12-15, 2018 [Prize]
Creating Reality USC Hackathon - Best project for Architecture Engineering and Construction

June 30, 2018 [Exhibit]
Architecture + Design Museum Architecture Exhibition - 3 Ways

July 10, 2018 [Interview]
KoozA/rch - Thesis Project Publication

September 09,  2018 [Prize]
Gehry Prize/SCI-Arc - Best Graduate Thesis project

September, 2018 [Interview] 
SpinRoom with Namik Mackic

November 07,  2018 [Publication - Interview]
Archinect - Conversation on thesis Project

December 09, 2018 [Speaker]
Conference "Almost Architecture: Note from the Edges" held by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

December, 2018 [Participation]

March 2019, ADFF  [Exhibit]
Architecture and Design Film Festival, VR Cinematic Experiences.

March 29, 2019 [Interview]
Dassault Systemes Youtube Channel - Interview/New Generation of Problem solver.

June, 2019 [Exhibit]
WEVR X Holodome, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

January 17-21, 2019 [Prize]
Reality Virtually MIT Hackathon - Best project for Best Use of HTC Utility Kit - Best Project for Art, Media and Entertainment

April 01-14 2019 [Speaker]
HUMAN @ Design in the Age of The Experience - Morphosis X Dassault Systemes - Milan Design Week 2019

June 27 / July 07, 2019 [Speaker, Instructor]
DigitalFUTURES 2019 [weixin China] - International Design and Technology Seminar

June 27, 2019 [Speaker]
AIA Conference about Extended Realities in Architecture

November 14, 2019 [Publication]
Archdaily US - “We’re Building New Ways of Working”: Morphosis Explores XR and the Future of Design Technologies
Archdaily CH - “We’re Building New Ways of Working”: Morphosis Explores XR and the Future of Design Technologies

December 2019 [Book Release]
Impermanent Collection - A+D museum
Games of Deletion - Book publication

December 12, 2019 [Interview]
Mars City Design - Interview for

December 13, 2019 [Interview]
DevLab Lecture Series for Kaleidooscope VR - Design and Technology on for Kaleidoscope

January 31, 2020 [Publication]
DesignBoom - Ninjang Conference Center - Project release

January 23, 2020 [Speaker]
Speculative Futures Los Angeles

March 01, 2020 [Publication]
DesignBoom - How morphosis is creating virtual architecture and immersive experiences

June, 2020 [Exhibit]
!RUN on A+D Museum Digital Gallery

June, 2020 [Exhibit] 
“New World” at !VRHAM Virtual 2020  
Affect Perception Interview

July 03, 2020 [Speaker]
DigitalFutures World 2020 - Immersive Environments during COVID-19 and Beyond

July 07, 2020 [Interview]
Interni Magazine - Will big events happen on gaming platforms? #GAMING

July 13, 2020 [Interview]
Voyage LA - Meet Alessio Grancini

August 06, 2020 [Publication]
Medium - Why video games are going to be the most popular social media and AI’s role in this transition

October 26-29, 2020 [Speaker- Exhibit]
Tbilisi Architectural Biennal + Triennale of Milan : Architecture & Videogames 

November 08, 2020 [Speaker, Project review]
Virtual entities by Futurly spaces : Panel for computational design in Architecture

November 29, 2020 [Publication]
Italian contributes in USA
Oggi 7  

November 30, 2020 [Publication]
Create cities and virtual worlds like ”Inception”, the new role of the architect according Alessio Grancini
Forbes Italia

December 05, 2020 [Speaker] DigitalFutures Young - AR/VR Panel, From AR filters to Virtual Production

December 18, 2020 [Speaker]
Blit Academy Europe Podcast : “A commentary about AI for interaction and gesture recognition in XR” 

December 18, 2020 [Publication]
Cinema Nervi, omaggio sperimentale : pre-exhibit 

December 28, 2020 [Publication] 
Architizer : “100 Renderings That Tell Powerful Stories About Architecture” - “So Close, Yet So Far” 

January, 8 2021 [Video Art Exhibit]
Pier Luigi Nervi - Architecture as a challenge at Manifattura Tabacchi , Florence

Related Publications 
Interni Magazine 
Corriere della Sera

January 13, 2021 [Speaker] 
MIT - Make To Gather - Interaction and User Experience workshop 

February 3, 2021 [Publication]
Archinect - Designers in Tech, How architecture is unlocking the potential of new emerging technologies - Article Series by Alessio Grancini and Paul Petrunia

Interview with Matthew Hallberg 
Interview with Lucia Tahan 
Interview with Jesse Escobedo 

February 10, 2021 [Speaker]
Smart Buildings, Smart Cities , an AIA Technology Conference

February 23, 2021 [Interview]
SecondStudioPod - A guide for Virtual Reality 

April 6, 2021 [Speaker]
Acoustic Future Broadcast

April 15, 2021 [Speaker]
USCA Research Symposium : XR Design For Social Justice

April 17-18 / May29-30 , 2021 [Instructor]
Advanced AI+AR Workshop, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

May 07, 2021  [Speaker]
KSEAN NMC Award Ceremony (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association)

Aug 03, 2021 - Sep 14 2021  Interview]
[CATIA Design Talk] Revisiting Interfaces after the pandemic: An Interview with Alessio Grancini

Sep 24, 2021[Speaker]
USC Arch370  - Alternative paths for the architectural practice

Jan 03, 2022 [Publication]
An architectural education reinassance, action, well being, radical-racial equity, kindness, resilience, xenobits...The community shares their predictions for 2022 by Archinect 

Apr 07, 2022 [Publication]
CO Creation: When Architecture meets Machine learning by Archinect

May 15, 2022 [Speaker]
DoAR, sponsored by Niantic and USC Cinematic Arts

June 01, 2022 [Speaker]
Augmented World Expo 2022, Magic Leap x AR Developers