︎︎︎Korean American Museum VR

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︎ AEC, VR, Oculus Quest, Hand Tracking

Scope :
design boom publication

Role :

︎ Morphosis 

︎ 2020 03

︎ Project Breakdown

. the “Korean American Museum” is a project by morphosis

. 'This building will stand as a vital institution for the millions of Korean Americans who have made this country their home, and will beautifully represent the strength and accomplishments of our community," said museum vice-chair Jae Min Chang on Deezen

. the presentation includes an animation in HDRP pipeline and a VR overview of the project with Oculus Quest using URP

. the VR workflow is unveiled on the architecture editorial design boom
︎ Geometry Optimization

. the workflow includes the conversion of geometries to low-poly assets for matching the performance standard on oculus quest

︎ Changing position with one click

︎︎︎ Oculus Quest hand-tracking
︎ Code Sample Shared :
Input Pinch

oculus documentation

// library to invoke 
using OculusSampleFramework;
// input to invoke 
if (Hands.Instance.RightHand.PinchStrength(OVRplugin.HandFinger.Index)> 0.9f)