︎︎︎Urban Environments in Mixed Reality

Tags :

︎ Site specific AR
︎ Workshop 
︎  Problem Solving

Role :
Unity Developer, Instructor 

︎ Shanghai, China

︎ Collaboration with Biayna Bogosian and Runze Zhang 

︎ 2019 07 

︎ Project Breakdown

. during the DigitalFutures workshops in 2019, where design and technology comes together at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Tonji, the workshop investigated the use of AR in urban environments taking into account the case of the city of Shanghai

︎ A site specific AR experience : 

. the city of Shanghai, as many others highly populated chinese hubs, presents an interesting urban condition where advertising billboards are “exposed” to pedestrians from an elevated platform that allows a safe and efficient way to walk around the city. 

︎ How to AR in the city : use cases

The prototypes built by the students targeted the following use cases

. Real Estate
showcasing the interior of apartments available for rent from the exterior of the building 

. Entertainment 
engage the pedestrian to discovering the current screening at the theatre closeby the elevated platform
. Social Media Extension
placement of a permanent text message in space

. Advertisment
ordering fast food from through AR from the elevated platform (promising a discount)  

. Education
site related educational experiences (recycling)

. Heritage 
superimposing 3D information to the built environment that narrate the history of the site and previous developments   

︎ Student’s work 

. a mix or AR demos and CGI concept videos

student credits 

Weiran Zhu | Ommery De Zutter | Zekun Fan | Ge Guo | Miaomiao Hou | Hongxun JIn | Ziyi Tang | Dinglu Wang | Yujie Wang | Yuxuan Wang | Yunqi Wei | Yujian Xu| Can Zhang | Xiaowen Zhang | Ping Zhou | Ziyuan Zhu

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